September 27, 2007


Oh boy! What a week! So busy around here, but it is getting better and I am getting the hang of it with the shop, the house, errands and everything else. I guess it takes time to have every little thing under control, specially when when you want to do it all!
Anyway, this post is about showing my visitors one of the other things I like to do (if you have not noticed it), and that is drawing. I am not what you can say "a real artist", I least I don't consider myself that way; I just like to draw when I feel inspired.
I remember when I was in middle school I used to doodle a lot! All kinds of doodles, specially geometric shapes. For some reason I used to draw everything in triangles and I don't know if that meant anything but I remember doing that. Anyway, I am back into my old habits and I have been drawing little things in a more consistent manner. This time my doodles are less abstract and have the shape of what I like now. At this time I am into round shapes and swirls! What a contrast! For some reason I think that has to do with my emotional state, I don't know.

OK, getting back to what I wanted to tell you is that I am enjoying drawing! I just love it! And taking advantage of my minimal drawing skills I have designed some graphics for two very nice people.
I have used my skills to design a blog banner for Mette from ERLEPERLE (check her blog because it is really nice)

And a website banner, etsy banner, avatar and ad logo for Kelly from Banana Showcase (she makes great bags!).
I was very glad that they were happy with my work and I just want to say that it was a blast to come up with something that other people appreciate and makes them unique. In addition to that, I have met two very nice ladies and that is what it counts too.
I hope I get more requests to design something for other people, because I am loving it! Thanks! :)


dottycookie said...

Love that Banana Showcase work.

Christina. B said...

Love the Erleperle banner..

simple and cute

Christina said...

I love your work and the items in your shop are so cute!

Esther said...

Both very cute :)

Mette said...

Every time I see my banner I feel so happy. It's perfect! I like the Banana Showcase too. It's so funny to see two very different and very personal banners made by the same person. Hugs Mette

Vivika said...

your blog is so cute!

Esther said...

Me again Magda, you've been tagged!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I love your work! How much do you charge for your design work?