December 9, 2009


I know, silly title. I am just a little bit tired and can't think right now, but wanted to show that I am still here, alive and with lots and lots of work. I guess that is actually very good :). My shop CraftPudding was mentioned at Cool Mom Picks as part of their 2009 Holiday Gift Guide and because of that I am swamped with work right now, thanks guys! Here is just a small part of what I have been doing (I have a mess too).

One of my stamps was featured too inside of the Simply Handmade Magazine. One of my customers was really nice to let me know, and she in fact wanted to order one for herself. This is an awesome magazine by the way and it has a lot of really cool crafty projects.

November 9, 2009

free hand emboidery

I made this little embroidery design some time ago. I was just relaxing (oh! those days) and truly enjoyed myself creating this free hand. Hope you find some inspiration on it :). Got to go back to work!

November 6, 2009

hello again!

OMG! So much going on this year! I will have to add many other posts letting all of you to know what I have been up to all this time. I have been away from my blog for so many months that I don't know what thing to post first. But in the meantime and because I am very busy with the shop, I am going to post about the new designs for the personalized stamps that I just listed there. I hope everybody is doing well and I have a lot of things to share with you in the coming days, got a new tutorial in mind to show you too, so keep coming back ;)

April 17, 2009

fabric contest

WOW! I just got an email from the wonderful people at Spoonflower giving me the heads-up that they are running my fabric design for this week's contest, along with other wonderful designs. I have been waiting for this e-mail for so long! (a little bit of exaggeration here :) Just too excited). OK, here are some images of my fabric design already printed. Many of you ordered a little piece from my shop already and I got nice feedback, thanks! The designs are not up yet but sometime this Friday they will, so go and vote for your favorite fabric at (Hope is mine though, just kidding :)

April 4, 2009


I just added to the shop this rubber stamp. This stamp is not hand carved but it looks just like my 'little girl' personalized hand carved rubber stamp. These are way better and I love the fact that they look more professional without loosing the hand made feeling, besides, I am more productive this way and I will have more time to come up with more and new designs with the same hand carved look.

March 31, 2009


I am so busy as usual and I am grateful for that, but I could not let my blog without a little post. This time is to show my mom's exquisite crochet. She fell in love with Blythe (more than I did, I think) and started to make beautiful crochet outfits. She made several for my own Blyhte and now she expanded and opened her own etsy shop called Blue Nest Boutique. Here is an etsy mini from her shop for all the Blythe lovers:

And here is her FLICKR gallerie for more beautiful crocheted designs. LINK: Blue Nest Boutique

March 16, 2009

stamps galore

This time I just want to show some of the new custom stamps I have been designing, I think they look neat and I could not stay behind so I designed a couple for myself as well. They come really handy when packaging all my orders.

March 13, 2009


I have to thank all the wonderful people that commented on my post about the baby food jar pincushion tutorial, I am glad you all like it. I too need to thank to the ladies that kept pressuring and asking to post that tutorial because without that I would probably still be avoiding it, no because I am a slacker but because as I have said before I get easily distracted by new projects and I tend to forget. But it needed to be done because I promised it to my blog readers before and because I wanted to share it, and I am happy about the response from all of you.

Elaina from Sew ducky! gave us a very useful tip too. She suggested to fill the pincushion with a steel wool pad sold at the hardware store because fiber fill tends to make the needles dull with time, I think that totally makes sense. Thanks Elaina!

Another thing I wanted to post about is that the reason for me making and sharing this tutorial is because back in July of 2007 I participated in the Fabric Addict Anonymous Swap at flickr and I made this pincushion with a matching fabric sewing tray for that swap and here are a couple photos from that set back in 2007.

After my flickr friends saw it, many asked me to create a tutorial for this pincushion, and after 1 year and 8 months exactly (oops) I finally finished it (YAY).

Thanks again and there will be another tutorial coming soon!