July 5, 2007

New Etsy Shop

Today I opened my new Etsy shop called Craft Pudding, I know is kind of a silly name but i really like it :).
Anyway, I am still working on more items to list on the shop and see how it works. The downside is that I am just accepting Money orders as payment option, and there are so many reasons for that. But I won't talk about that until later.
So if you are curious and want to check out my new e_shop just click here. As I said before I will be listing more handmade goodies very soon. Thanks!


Jenn Maruska said...

Hi and welcome to Etsy! Can't wait to check out your shop : )

Have you thought about accepting paypal? It's so easy and quick.

Congrats! : )

sónia said...

Congratulations for your Etsy Shop,
your crafts are so great.

iSew said...

I love the name. Your stuff looks great too. Make sure to list often, spread 'em out & you'll get more exposure. Good luck!