March 13, 2009


I have to thank all the wonderful people that commented on my post about the baby food jar pincushion tutorial, I am glad you all like it. I too need to thank to the ladies that kept pressuring and asking to post that tutorial because without that I would probably still be avoiding it, no because I am a slacker but because as I have said before I get easily distracted by new projects and I tend to forget. But it needed to be done because I promised it to my blog readers before and because I wanted to share it, and I am happy about the response from all of you.

Elaina from Sew ducky! gave us a very useful tip too. She suggested to fill the pincushion with a steel wool pad sold at the hardware store because fiber fill tends to make the needles dull with time, I think that totally makes sense. Thanks Elaina!

Another thing I wanted to post about is that the reason for me making and sharing this tutorial is because back in July of 2007 I participated in the Fabric Addict Anonymous Swap at flickr and I made this pincushion with a matching fabric sewing tray for that swap and here are a couple photos from that set back in 2007.

After my flickr friends saw it, many asked me to create a tutorial for this pincushion, and after 1 year and 8 months exactly (oops) I finally finished it (YAY).

Thanks again and there will be another tutorial coming soon!


Busym1 said...

Love your pincushion and fabric tray. I am going to use your tutorial for some I want to make with some old salt shakers I got at the thrift store, just make the circle of fabric smaller for the top of course. I love coming to your blog, it's such fun! Michelle

traci said...

Better late than never is what I live by. We are an "eventually" type of family. Worth the wait.

Hobbies e Manias said...

So Cute, so pretty! Wonderfull idea!

Stitching Mama said...

So adorable! I love the fabric used.

jewelrygirl said...

Very cute. It looks easy enough I could do it.


MandyMoo said...

Thanks for the tut - I already tried it! Very easy to follow :)

Layla said...

Great tutorial & such pretty pics & things!! :)

I will try making something like the babyfood jar pincushion too, only thought to fill it with extra hair, like in Victorian times - apparently the hair was good for the pins?

& maybe will try to avoid the glue gun, or glue alltogether - to make it more easily recyclable/compostable?

Sonja, Queen of Crafts said...

Cool - love your designs, they are so cute. And particularly like the crafts projects you have posted here. I am following your blog from now on ;-).
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

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