September 21, 2008

two months away :)

This summer is over for me. I had fun but that does not mean that I was not busy, actually It was the busiest summer ever. But I am back to work on my stamps, other projects, and I will be organizing a lot of things because I have a lot of plans in mind.

Something that made me very happy this month is that two of my stamps were featured in the September issue of Canadian Family Magazine. I have not seen the issue because I am still waiting for it, I live in the USA and I don't think it is sold in my town. Hopefully I get one issue soon so I can see it and share the photos with all of you. Hey! But if someone has the magazine, I would really appreciate a small photo of the stamps :)

This summer too, I learned a little bit about making ceramics and I am in the process of finishing some mini bowls and ornaments. I made them using my hand carved rubber stamps and I am crossing my fingers so they turn out OK. I will be making more and will offer them at the shop (clay is so much fun!).

They still need to be glazed.

Anyway, I am very happy to be writing again on my blog and I will be posting more photos of my work. I leave you with some images of my latest rubber stamps and you know there will be more coming soon ;).

Airstream trailer.

New styles for a more grown up look.

Some custom stamps.

Thanks for visiting and hope everybody had a great summer too.


cupcake studio said...

Your new mini bowls are darling! I have really been enjoying my stamps from your etsy shop!

Annie said...

I am loving all your stamps - you are very talented!

Saucy said...

Which magazine? I will watch for it.

If it is Canadian Living... grrr... I entered a table setting/party planning contest with them once and I only got second prize but the very next issue they used all of my ideas on the cover! Hmph!

Anonymous said...

They are so contemporary and simple.
I love them!
Great job.

misschell said...

I LOVE your things so much!! i wanted you to know i added you to MY blog, check it out...

i also have a store on etsy called: chinamommy


Crab Apple Designs said...

Your designs are SO enchanting. I'm making my first carved stamp today, and now I REALLY admire your craft-woman-ship. Yay craftpudding! I'll be linking to you on my blog next time I post because I'm hearting your stuff so much. xo melissa at said...

i want an ornament!! Love your work!


Apryl said...

that airstream trailer is brilliant!

Congratulations on your stamps being featured in a magazine, I hope you get a copy soon!

Nic said...

i really love your carvings! they are stunning! :)

i did eraser carvings too... that was a few years ago, now i'm in sewing and embroidery. but maybe i should do carvings again once in an while. your works inspire me a lot.

:) nic

viv said...

wow they came out nice the ceramic plates and bowls.

Sue said...
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Sue said...

You really have some great things, lov your stamps and your bowls are super cute!

Anonymous said...