June 6, 2007


Well, I have been tagged. Moline just let me know that she tagged me and to be honest I was afraid it will happen to me :).
It's not that I am so private that I don't want to say anything about me, I am just shy talking about myself. I have seen so many creative people out there sharing their talents and lives that to say the truth I admire such confidence, but me...ouch!
Don't think that I am lazy to write about me or that there is nothing interesting going on in my life (actually I am doing more than I can handle,) but...now that I am thinking about this, I guess that is the problem. I have so much (or maybe too much) on my head that I don't know where to start. My brain is kind of a cluttered house, you know, you don't know were to start to organize the mess. Well, that is me.
Very often I am afraid to open my mouth and express my ideas because I don't want people to think that I am sort of unstable (not in the mentally way) :) but about having a precise objective or goal in life. I know I want to do everything and in reality is just impossible.
OK, I will stop the blah, blah and instead I will let you know 7 things about myself, (this is going to take a while thought)let me see...

1.- I was born in Mexico and I am very proud of my very cultural, colorful and ebullient birth place.

2.- I love sewing and crafting like crazy, these two pastimes together are my second love.

3.- I have a lot of dreams and I am determined kind of person, but sometimes I feel overwhelmed and wish I was a nesting bird (a bird that sews and do crafts of course.)

4.- I love my family more than anything in the world and I feel very proud of my life as a mother and wife (and daughter, and daughter-in-law, and sister...well you get the idea.)

5.- I am a Do It Yourself type of person. I am very inquisitive and I try to learn things on my own to consequently do things on my own. Most of the time I wish I knew everything but to say the truth I am comfortable with my current DIY knowledge.

6.- I love rice pudding and guavas. This is not a joke, I can actually eat just rice pudding instead of three balanced meals in one day. I have done that. As for the guavas, after moving from Mexico I have not seen them since. I get the canned ones sometimes.

7.- I love music, the Internet, hearty colors, snowy winters + wool sweaters, other cultures, affectionate people, politics, children, and of course myself.

I hope I did OK. Now I have to find somebody to tag...


Anonymous said...

Que bien! Another person that understands the love of the guavas!
I usually have to wait for my Christmas trip home to eat them but mom is good at keeping me supplied.

Te encontre por medio de craftzine ayer, y me encanta tu blog! Keep up the good work!


Felicia said...

It took me a while to feel comfortable posting things about myself. I think you did great! Rice pudding is right up there in my top favorites too :)

Blossom Hill said...

I love your blog and would like to add to my 'blogs I like to read' section on mine. I was also tagged by Moline but haven't got around to writing my 7 things about me down yet :)
Guava's and rice pudding are right up there on my list of favourite foods too!