January 19, 2009

Happy New year!

I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday season! I indeed had a nice vacation and enjoyed spending time with my family. But I am finally back, ready to work , energized and creative.

Despite of the cold weather and tons of snow that we are receiving from mother nature, I have been quite busy doing lots of crafty things this month. I have updated my shop and added new stamps, they are all available now and here you can see some pictures.

I have been "baking" like crazy, but not regular baking since I am not very good at cooking and baking :P. I am talking about "baking" little shrink plastic projects such as brooches, hair clips and buttons (some of these are available at my shop).
This is a lot of fun and these are some photos of what I have been making with this wonderful material (I will have a free tutorial on this pretty soon too).

Another project (this came out of an unfortunate situation) is this t-shirt I made for my daughter. Well I did not make the t-shirt but I made the iron-on design shown on it. This came to me after a friend of mine wrote me to tell me that she found a photo of someone else that copied my design to put it on t-shirts. But the problem is that this person never asked for permission and is giving herself credit for the design. I have been reading a lot of stories like this around the Internet; it is very frustrating and disappointing. The picture below is the t-shirt I made using my own design.

In another more happy note, I want to remind you that I will continue posting free tutorials and more embroidery patterns. I have new designs for embroidery that I am very impatient to try and share with you. The next tutorial is coming soon and it will feature the shrink plastic projects.

I leave you for today with some pictures of the snowstorms we received a day before Christmas. Happy New Year!


Geisslein said...

Wish you a wonderful year too! Rainy greetings from germany, geisslein

Helena said...

Have a nice 2009 !!!
I like so much your stamps, thanks for this blog... this is a inspiration to me and my crafts.
Kisses and hugs from Brazil

María Xi said...

I loved the stamp with the girl and bird.
Like Helena you are my inspiration, but i´m inexperienced.

Best wishes from Santiago de Chile.

Beth said...

Love the new stamps :)
Sorry about the whole t-shirt debacle. It's upsetting to see that there are people so unthoughtful and disrespectful out there......

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

Weee.. luv your stamps so much!
Sometimes I want to try making rubber stamps, but I just don't know how..hehe..

I love your drawings and sorry to hear about your t-shirt design.

Cheers (^^,)*

Mianna said...

Unbelievable! I guess she figures no one would notice since her site is done in another language! Well, if you're going to be original, you're going to be copied! I think you handled it tactfully though, kudos!
A.L. Travis

Chelsea Ling said...

I wish I could have a tiny drop of your talent for drawing :)

Agnes Sim said...

wow..i like the bird cage sooo much!! ^_^

Anonymous said...