February 8, 2008


Well, I took a little "break" this week. I say "break" because even though I closed my Etsy shop for one week, I have been carving lots of custom stamps. Stamps are doing well on Etsy but it got a little bit overwhelming since I am not used to this kind on Internet attention :)
I guess it was because the return address stamp was featured on Rare Bird Finds? Most likely. But to catch up with orders and other errands I had to take a small break from Etsy this week.

Lil' Bear Stamp at Etsy

I am going to open again this Monday and hopefully get back on track. I am still working really hard trying to finish orders from last week and hopefully they will be ready to be shipped this Monday and Tuesday.

But I did not have time to rest at all! My house (as you can imagine) is kind of messy right now. My family is lucky to have clean clothing because that is ALL I managed to do around the house this week.

Talking about business, well I am happy because Craft Pudding is now the Trademark of a small Corporation!! I am so happy that I am taking my crafts and artwork into the world of business. I have so many projects, ideas and new designs for this project, and my stamp designs and tutorials are finally copyrighted just in case; you have to protect your work.
So basically this week has been about organizing and setting Craft Pudding to be a serious business! It is a lot of work but I think is well worth it.

Monkey Stamp

In another matter I could not be happier too that my Monkey Stamp has been featured in NeatoStuff.com, this is a great website with hundreds of nice goodies and shopping information. I love it!

This month too I forgot that I had to fill my Local Library Display with some of my crafts! So as part of the crazy busy week, I had to do that on Tuesday. It looks pretty and I already got some nice comments from some people I know in town. I included a little bit of everything such as the artist trading cards and items from past swaps, some Japanese books, international craft magazines too and of course some of my favorite sewing projects.

Matchbox I sent to Oh...My bag

Talking about swaps, this month I got two wonderful surprises. I got a beautiful Japanese book from the wonderful Yvonne (moline) . What a great surprise she gave me, I love the book so much that I had to show it in the display case at the library. The book is about hand carved rubber stamps and it has very inspirational photos and designs. Thanks Yvonne!!
Another beautiful surprise was the matchbox swap I received from Diana (Oh...My bag) from Germany, I love everything and to be her first swap it was fantastic! She spoiled me with so many interesting and pretty gifts. She has a shop too and sent some ribbons from it. I don't have picture of it because well, I had to put it in the display too :)

Well, I have to go now because this weekend is busy and I really need my sleep.

Stay tuned because next post I will be telling how to make tags and I will show some of my new stamp designs! Night night. ZZZZZzzzzzz


Mette said...

I'm so glad, that Craftpudding and you are doing so well. Have a great weekend, Magda. Hugs Mette

sónia said...

So good news, i'm so happy for you Magda.


mooi hoor... said...

Congratulations! It's really exciting when something you love doing and do so well is taking off! Did you by any chance read "Craft Inc."? I found it a easy to read book with loads of information on how to tackle things when setting up your own craft business.

Wish you lots of success!

Nelae said...

Congrats for your business! Your items are lovely!

Christina said...

We made my son's Valentine's Day cards last weekend with the monkey stamp and his name stamp - they are so cute! He also has a 100th day of school celebration coming up where they have to wear a shirt with 100 things on it. He decided to stamp his shirt 100 times with the monkey stamp! It's getting a lot of use! :)

Carmen said...

Congratulations!!! Try my hand on making stamps the other day... Well let me tell you... I admire you!

Danielle said...

i posted about the stamp you made for me on my flickr and blog and got a great response on it! i think some custom orders came your way! :-)

fiona said...

well done you!!!i love all your stamps, so happy it's all doing so well!

sweetbeans said...

I LOVE your things, Magda. I'm thrilled you are doing so well!


MyArtInProgress said...

Your stamps are so cute!

Anonymous said...