January 17, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Hello everybody!

I am here again trying to catch up with my blog. Don't think I am lazy :) because I have truly been very busy and it is taking me very long to come back to normal after the Holidays. But finally, I got a quiet little piece of time to write about all that has been going on in my crazy crafty life :)

Tiny stamps I made

First of all I want to wish every person that reads my blog a very happy and prosperous 2008 year. I received a lot of comments and e-mails wishing me a happy holiday and new year, I thank all of my blog visitors; I truly appreciate the time taken to come and say hi to me. And in gratitude, I want you to know that I am working on a couple new tutorials, but I want to ask you too that if you have any questions or suggestions I would be very happy to create a tutorial about anything (crafty of course) that may interest you. I am not very good at cooking and baking, so don't ask me anything from the culinary arts (unless is Mexican :)) So keep and eye on my blog to see what I am crafting and sharing with you.

Well, talking about crafts, I have been very fortunate (and crazy busy) with the shoppe. Yes, my etsy shop is doing good with the stamps, a lot of people like them and that is good because I can't get enough of it. I love to come up with new designs and ideas, even though my wrist and fingers are sore of so much carving. My husband keeps nagging at me about being careful so I don't "cut an artery", lol. He is so funny! :) But yes, I did cut myself a couple times (no an artery though), so if you want to try this craft just be careful because it hurts!


I am showing you here some pictures of the new stamps that I carved. I carved these to make some Valentines for the upcoming Valentine's day. Last year i could not decide on any of those that they sell at the store, there were so many and I bought them in a rush. But this time child and I are going to stamp many Valentines for everybody, which is more fun than buying them.

I am working on many custom stamps as well and here is one that I made for my child. It kind of looks like her a little bit. People are loving this one and I got several orders for similar stamps.

Name stamp

But with the continuing snowstorms around here I am getting a little behind on the shipping part. You see, I have to go to the post office to ship international orders and I am very afraid of driving on snowy roads. Being from a warm place where the only ice you see is the one from the snow cones (and the freezer) I guess that is normal.

Stamped Twill Tape

But anyway, I am dying for doing some sewing too. I miss my sewing machine :( I wanted so bad to sew a coat for my child this fall that I think I will have to wait for the beginning of the spring to sew one. I don't know but I have a thing for homemade winter coats. I always loved winter, even when I lived in Mexico I made several winter coats. And yes, people there thought I was crazy, specially in the afternoon that is when the sun really burns your skin :)
I love sweaters too and I remember my mom saying that how in the world I was wearing sweater in the middle of the summer, and in Mexico! OK, I don't want you to think that I am crazy and don't want to bore anybody here.

Well, thanks a lot for the nice comments received and I wish everybody a very Happy New Year!! :)


Sarahau said...

WOW! I love love love your stamps and your tut for the sewing basket!
I love the one in your shop with the lil boy and the bird on his head, actually I love all yopur designs. I would love to hear what sort of knife and rubber you like to cut with, your images are so crisp.

Mette said...

You being lacy...?! No way. Great stamps as usual! Hugs Mette

Annie said...

Your stamps are so cute and I love that twill! Look forward to some tutorials and glad your shop is going well. I will be in there later in the year.

inkivääri said...

Beautiful stamps! I love the name stamp especially :)
Be careful with those icy roads, they can be tricky. Though this year there hasn't been many snowy days here in Finland, which is very sad. I miss snow!

jenni said...

Super stamps--I'd love to see your tutorial for creating ones of our own. I'm really curious to know how you get such tiny details (like the name) from the linoleum/rubber. And the tiny ones--so cute. Thanks for sharing!

muralimanohar said...

Wow, your stamps are awesome!! I have dabbled in a few, just enough to know you are really good at it, lol!

And I am so in love with the stamped twill tape!

Kallia said...

What a cute bunch of stamps! I can't wait to see your tutorials!

MoppetsClosets said...

I love that name stamp! So glad I stopped by - I never think of the clever things like handmaking/stamping the Valentine's cards!

Penny said...

Hi Magda,
this is my first visit to your blog, I love it!!! I was wondering, what is the brand of fabric ink you use to stamp your twill tape?