November 19, 2007

I am back :)

Hi everybody!
I am finally back after these couple crazy weeks! Very busy as usual, too much going on with my life but in a good way. It is nice being busy since there is not time left to have bad thoughts :) I mean good bad thoughts (OK, that does not make sense!). What I mean is that being busy is good in so many ways, it makes you realize that there are more important things in life than being bored or getting in trouble just for the heck of it!
It makes you think about how important is to share this life in harmony with your loved ones. Since I am very busy lately, I can not stop thinking about spending time with my family and doing things together.

Well, I have been very excited about sharing this with all of you. A very nice friend sent me a wonderful package full of treasures. I feel so proud and happy to have friends not just from my town but from all over the world. In the last weeks i have been very fortunate to meet many sweet ladies.

Anyway, I was saying that my friend Mette (erleperle) from Denmark sent me the most wonderful and sweet box full of treasures! She makes these beautiful matryoshkas soft dolls, pincushions, tissue holders and so many other things. She is very, very talented lady and her knitting is extraordinary. She does not know but I keep admiring all those knitting projects that she makes; very fine work indeed.

Here are some pictures of all the beauties she sent me and links to her flickr photos and blog. She has a very nice and sweet shop too.
Thanks Mette!

Erleperle Blog
Erleperle Shop
Erleperle Flickr


littlewanda said...

Wow. All those beautiful treasures. You are very lucky. It is wonderful when some touches our lives like that.

littlewanda said...
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Tina said...

Mette is really unique!! Great gift you got there! :):)

sónia said...

Lovely treasures.

Mette said...

I'm so glad, you like it, Magda. hugs Mette

Anonymous said...