August 2, 2007

Work In Progress

Finally I have some extra time to write on my blog. With the sizzling weather and running all over from place to place I ended up without much energy to come and write all this week.
But what's more I have been crafting (very unusual, right?). I have been sewing some of those patchwork wristlets even when tired from the everyday chores because they are so much fun to make.
I love making color and pattern combinations but when the color schemes get crowded in my head I definitely have to write down my ideas, otherwise you usually see me looking at my color wheel. It is a good tool thought, but it gets me confused sometimes.
Here are is a picture of the work in progress:
And here is a picture of one of the wristlets that I finished and I will be adding to my ETSY shop. So if you are interested just check it out

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Felicia said...

Very pretty wristlet.