August 17, 2007

close to school days

Hello dear readers.
Well, last couple weeks have been about drawing, photography and a little bit of sewing. I am organizing my sewing items and as you can imagine the mess around does not give me much space to expand and start different sewing projects. My hands and camera are itching to finish that tutorial that is in progress; it is a surprise by the way (nothing special, just keeping it secret).
We have been getting out of the daily routine by taking short trips and visit some small towns up north here in the midwest. We took a ride to Upper Michigan and I loved the scenery of Lake Superior, absolutely love it. I wish we had more time to stop and take more pictures of the old mines and lighthouses, these are the kind of trips I like to take.
I love black and white photography so as a beginner I just wanted to share a few photos that I have been capturing in the last weeks. I am having some fun before going back to normal, before days of school and summer. I am anxious for the fall and to see the beautiful colors on the trees.