June 1, 2007

Baby bib

I am making a series of bibs for the baby of a friend and wonderful neighbor :). This is just one of them.


sónia said...

so lovely! i like the colors...

lindsey clare said...

oh that's so lovely! i would love to be able to make baby gifts as there's always babies being born and books and store bought things get a bit boring don't they?
can i please ask a question or two... do you think towelling would also work for the backing? and also, how on earth do you do curved binding?? i'm sure i will have to look it up in a book or something, but if you have any tips, i'd love to hear them :)

VILLIKU said...

Hi Lindsey,
thanks for you comment. Yes you can use towelling for the back just dont use anything that is too tick (my opinion). You can use flanel too.
And for the binding I just made sure I pinned it before sewing it, that way it is stabilized and you can stretch it better and give it a nice curve.
I hope this helps.