April 20, 2007

Fabric Cupcake Attempt

I am trying to come up with a fabric cupcake. The crochet ones and the felt ones are really cute but it bothers me that they are not my own idea. So I attempted a couple times to make a fabric one and so far this is what I came up with. It is just a rough idea of what I want, I need to polish some details and figure out other issues with it. Some feedback is appreciated.


sónia said...

Just beautiful.

Felicia said...

It's pretty cute. You might try making the bottom part a sold color to sort of represent a traditional paper cupcake holder. It make give the eye a place to rest too from all the pattern.

Craftybernie said...

I think this looks great! I agree with you regarding the crochet cup cake designs - they're nice but they're not 'your own'.

It's not far off perfect, and if you can get it just right, I imagine it will sell very well on your Etsy shop (or maybe even the pattern.....???)

Anonymous said...

Wicked cute. I agree with trying out the "plain" bottom first, and seeing where that leads. I do think you might want to check out "cupcake pincushions" which are something that are made similiar, but are stuffed and made as a pincushion instead of a regular decoration!!! Take care, and best wishes.