January 14, 2007

Kitty Keyring Tutorial

Today I have been working on a tutorial I wanted to do some time ago. I started it yesterday and hopefully today I will be able to finish it. The fun part is taking the photos and see the sequence of the project. The tedious part on the other hand is the uploading of the photos and writing all the instructions. I guess is because I love tutorials that have only photos and are self-explanatory. I think I am going to try that and see how the visitors of my blog like it. I am thinking about those Japanese craft books, the photos are so well taken and the sequence is so detailed that you don't need to figure the Japanese language symbols to reproduce a craft from those books. Anyway, here is a look of the work in progress. Kitty-Heart Keyring Tutorial.

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Enric Xicoy i Comas said...

Hola, he fet un enllaç del teu bloc des d’aquesta entrada:
Blocs del món (II), salut!